EMEA Tech House:-A thrilling and interesting hobby in the trend is FOREX trading. It is also a very smart option for investment nowadays. FOREX (Foreign Exchange) is a market where daily huge sum of currencies is traded and exchanged. The sum ranges to more than 4 trillion dollars daily. It is a 24-hour market where you can do your trading whenever you learn about an exchange rate hike. Larger international banks are the main traders of FOREX. FOREX trading includes aspects of all kinds of currency buying, selling, exchanging in current or per-determined prices.


  • The type of currency you are selling is known as base currency, and the one you are buying by selling your base currency, is the quote currency.
  • It is just like normal buying and selling; here you buy a currency in lieu of another.
  • When you want to buy the base currency in lieu of your quote currency, then it is called a long position.
  • Likewise, when you want to buy your quote currency by selling the base currency, then it is known as short position.
  • It is the Exchange Rate that determines how much base currency you have to spend to buy the quote currency.
  • The price at which your broker wants to fix the deal i.e. at which rate the base currency is to be bought in exchange of the quote currency is known as the Bid Price.
  • The Ask Price is the one in which your broker is going to sell the base currency and buy the quote currency. This is the best price at which you are willing to buy from the market.
  • The price difference between the bid price and the ask price is known as the Spread.

Tips for FOREX Trading

When you have understood the basic terms for FOREX trading, it is time to have a look on the quick tips that may be fruitful in your venture of FOREX Trading.

  • First know yourself. You have to identify your capacity of risk tolerance, how much risk you can bear and remain sticking to the trading. You should also plan about your capital engagement beforehand.
  • Choose your broker carefully. The half of the success depends on how good your broker is in assessing the risks and the profits.
  • It is also necessary to choose an account package that well suits your expectations and knowledge level.
  • It is wise to begin with small gains and single currency pair, and then increase with increasing confidence and better play.
  • Live in present, not waiting for future speculations. Also, remember to never play on a losing position, unless you love to gamble with your investments.
  • There is no place for emotions but always have time to take notes.
  • Well research on brokerage could proof a good practice in FOREX Trading.
  • Profits need to be protected. A good knowledge in money management is going to help in this.

This trend in trading is more dependent on speculation though. Websites like https://emeatechhouse.com guide you with tips related to FOREX Trading.

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