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Forex Intermediate Level

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In this section We would be taking you to understand:

✓ Types of Forex Charts & How to Read them

✓ Applying SR & Candlesticks

✓ Support & Resistance Basics

✓ Fibonacci Retracement Levels

✓ Moving Average Crossovers & Momentum

✓ Trading with Price Action

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Forex Beginner’s Course

Course Summary:

Forex is Trading in Currency & gives you access to the World Largest Market with Over $ 5 Trillion in daily Transactions. Learn to Trade in this Market on your own Schedule with a Market open 24*5, guided by our Professional Trainers.

Long Description:

The Foreign Exchange Market also known as FX is one of the most Dynamic & fast paced Markets in the Financial World. Forex Market has been domain of Large Financial institutions, Central Banks, & high Wealth Individuals, the Internet has allowed the average individual to become involved with and Profit from online Currency Trading.


What You will Learn with our Forex Trading Training:

  • The History of Money
  • To Analyze the Global Market & Choose the Right Currency Pairs for your Trading Objectives
  • Learn to Track & Evaluate the Market
  • How to Make Use of evaluating Tools
  • Fundamental, Technical Analysis & Technical Analysis


EMEA Tech offers Online Forex Trading Training to Traders of all Levels. Learn Forex Trading using the latest tools & Software, and Make Predictions based on Training form the Forex Professional Trainer


Learning Forex: Foreign Exchange is a Virtual Market Where Global Currencies are Traded. The average daily Transaction crosses $ 5.3 trillion, in comparison to NYSE( New York Stock Exchange ) where Daily transaction is abut $ 20 billion. Currency Market is the Largest Market in the World where 90% constituents are Speculator and which makes this market a True Reflection of Perfect Market.

What is Forex Trading?

Trading Currencies is the act of Making Predictions on Variations in the Global Economy and Buying & Selling accordingly. The Exchange Rate between two Currencies is the Rate at which One Currency will be Exchanged for another. Forex Traders use of available Data to Analyze Currencies & Countries, thereby using economic Forecasts to get an idea of the Currency’s Value



The Benefits of Currency Trading


The Benefits of Currency Trading:

  • No Commissions
  • No Middlemen
  • No Fixed Lots Size
  • Low Transactions Costs
  • A 24 hour Market
  • Leverage
  • High Liquidity
  • Low Barriers to Entry & Exit

Additional Benefits of Availing the Course:

    • ✓Technically the Cost of Training is Zero as You will get a Credit of $ 100
    • ✓ Get a Life Time of Learning with Unlimited Retakes
    ✓ Financial Education Solutions