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Forex Beginner’s Course…

What is Forex Trading?

Learning Forex: Foreign Exchange is a Virtual Market Where Global Currencies are Traded. The average daily Transaction crosses $ 5.3 trillion, in comparison to NYSE( New York Stock Exchange ) where Daily transaction is abut $ 20 billion. Currency Market is the Largest Market in the World where 90% constituents are Speculator and which makes this market a True Reflection of Perfect Market. What is Forex Trading? Trading Currencies is the act of Making Predictions on Variations in the Global Economy and Buying & Selling accordingly. The Exchange Rate between two Currencies is the Rate at which One Currency will be Exchanged for another. Forex Traders use of available Data to Analyze Currencies & Countries, thereby using economic Forecasts to get an idea of the Currency’s Value.

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Forex Beginner’s Course…

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